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Support the Renovation of the Dor Revii Synagogue!

Rabbi Gedalia Shestak is famous for his outstanding lectures dedicated to Judaism and Jewish history that he gives in Russian through diverse channels in Telegram and the website

He has a message for all his listeners, subscribers, readers and friends, members of the Dor Revii community and everyone who follows the events of this community and in general of the active communities in Russia and CIS countries.

The world before and the world after the pandemic are two completely different worlds. A person changes , so do the surroundings. The Synagogue of the Jewish Community “Dor Revii” is the place where all lessons, celebrations, prayers and events take place. It is from here that all online lectures are conducted, and this is the place thanks to which we all know each other and continue to be in touch and learn more about Judaism, Jewish history and traditions, both in person and through numerous Internet channels. We know that friends of our community live not only in Moscow, but also in other cities of Russia and around the world.

Almost on the eve of the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, we decided to take a very necessary and important step – the renovation of our synagogue, which is already in progress!
In order to perform efficient work and to be on time to complete the work, we really need your financial support!

Let’s start the new year 5781 together with this right, kind and important deed for our entire community!