Rabbi Gedalia Shestak

Was born in Kiev and has two degrees. He became observant in 1992, although he became interested in the search for the meaning of life and Jewish traditions much earlier. In the early 90s he emigrated with his family to Australia, lived in Melbourne and studied at yeshiva and university. In parallel, he hosted a series of Jewish programs in Russian on Australian television. In 1998 he came to Israel, where he continued his studies in yeshivas and led the Jewish community in Petah Tikva. In the same place in “Eretz Israel” he met his future wife Efrat. In September 2001, they moved to Moscow and they have 9 children. Gedalia Shestak is the head of the Moscow community “Dor Revii”, and gives numerous lectures on Jewish History. In addition, he is an avid collector of coins and and old books, and loves to visit museums.

Rav Gedaliah about “Dor Revia”:

All these years, B-Sevyshny sent us kind and decent people who helped us in the implementation of the mission for which I have been with my family in Moscow all this time – to create a Jewish community where everyone can feel at home and return pride and understanding to Jews, what it means to be a part of the people of Israel and to bring them closer to their roots, and to help them find their own way to keep traditions and the commandments.

The Shestak family in the Moscow-Jerusalem magazine:

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