About «Dor Revii»

We will turn 19 years old on December 2020. The community received the name “Dor Revii” from the words of the Torah “… and the fourth generation (“ Dor Revii ”in translation from Hebrew) will return here …” (Genesis 15:16). Our sages say that a departure from Jewish roots is possible only for three generations; the fourth generation either returns to its origins or assimilates. Any Jew who wants to know what it means to be a Jew can find the answer to this question here, as well as touching culture, tradition and age-old wisdom in a warm, homely environment. After all, “Dor Revii” is our common Jewish home! Right now, an important event is taking place in our community – we are in the process of renovating our  synagogue and are in a rush to complete it by Rosh Hashanah!

The Dor Revii Orthodox Jewish Community was founded in December 2001 by Rav Gedalia and Rabanit Efrat Shestak.
It originally consisted of students from the programming course that IDT had founded. Now, about two hundred people of completely different ages, professions and interests, as well as various levels of religious practice, attend the community. Thousands follow Rav Gedalia’s lectures and lessons online, and every year our circle of friends is expanding.

Our center has a synagogue with five Torah scrolls, a self-help fund for those in need and a kitchen that prepares meals for all holidays, as well as a weekly Shabbat service.

On Shabbat, we try to provide everyone who lives far from the community with a place to spend the night.

We celebrate family celebrations and festive events together: birthdays, brit milas, engagements, weddings and others. We regularly meet with prominent Jewish leaders from Russia, Israel and America. Everyone can attend our wedding preparation courses for Jewish brides and grooms, boys for the bar mitzvah, psychology lessons for young parents and participate in joint tours to Jewish townships in the Ukraine, Belarus, Eastern and Western Europe.